When you decide to sell your valuables, the most important and difficult task is finding a jewelry buyer. In the Gurgaon market, there are many numbers of buyers. But searching for genuine one and the direct person is difficult. Normally we find brokers, who take a commission from both the parties, which reduces your amount. Some brokers take all the benefits and leave you with minimum or nothing. There is nothing to worry about it as you can sell us. We are a company, who purchase directly from you.

 Normally it comes in many forms like jewelry, coins, biscuits, bars, ingots, etc. Jewelry again has many designs, shapes, and combinations. We have plain jewelry and also jewelry mixed with other elements like diamonds, pearls, ruby, etc. Apart from this, there are many forms such as rose, white gold, etc. Pure products also come in different variations depending on percentage in it such as 9k,14k,18k,22k, etc. It means 9k has less percentage, compared to others and so on.

Price Of Selling Gold For Cash

Process of cash for gold Gurgaon:

  • First, you need to show the photos or you can share them
  • Next, we test for the purity of the product
  • After analyzing the product thoroughly, we give you a final quote
  • Normally our prices are liked by all as we give very high pricing almost 15% higher
  • If you are ok with the price, we can proceed with the transaction
  • If you are not ok, we can discuss so that we can fix a price that suits both of us
  • If you are not still convinced, we can cancel the deal as we do not force anyone.
Best Price Selling Gold Jewelry

There are many advantages of getting gold buyer in Gurgaon, with us. All our transactions are transparent and we do not have any hidden costs or agenda. We compensate with the market prices and a little higher too. Our payment process is very secure and simple. We can also pay Gold for cash Gurgaon.

If you are interested in dealing with us, then visit us at
ht https://www.cashfordiamond.co.in/ and also get the best possible response from our end.

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