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Our Journey

From the beginning we were very accomplished in refining precious metals and their valuable jewelries. Therefore, we are known as the most leading second-hand diamond buying company in Delhi NCR. We have been in the market with our best and experienced jewelry buyers from over two decades. Hence, we strive to offer our best service with 100% secure and reliable methods to provide full satisfaction during the process.

Currently, we have established our outlets in more than 20 locations to offer the same amenity throughout all the neighborhoods in Delhi NCR. Our proficient buyers are able to evaluate any denomination of gold, silver, platinum or gemstones like precious diamonds.

We are still evolving into the mass to brief our service during an emergency or in need. Our industry has been the single name for providing the most effective rates than any other jewelry buyer in the city. Our journey from the start was to motivate the sellers and offer the equal policies to render the same service irrespective of their genre.

All our evaluation is done through the international recognized method to verify your valuables and their rates based on your documents. With the tests, our customers are able to understand the current market value accurately based on the items fineness.


Our Vision

‘Cash for Diamond’ is been the most trusted jewelry buying place for many years. Our vision is to integrate them and spread the name throughout Northern India over coming years. We hope to provide the best service our customer deserve every day and every hour. Along with our goals, we wish to establish the biggest foundation for every customer’s first option. With our valuable customer, we aspire to be the topmost diamond buyer to offer the highest bid of all times. Our main motto is to provide a progressive value for your old diamond jewelry into a better suited and more usable commodity.

We have been renowned for our best price in the neighbourhoods of Delhi and we hope to improve our work to fulfil your requirements in no time. We are an ISO certified company and we provide our work to justify our brand name all over the territory. Therefore, we strive to provide our customers with services in the most effective way possible.

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Our Values

We have been perceiving our valuable customers as a source of our success. We never micromanage our service to compensate for any un-defining, methods. Our service is 100% transparent and very comprehensive. We take full consent before performing any function with your valuables. We never tolerate mistakes, we mostly learn and grow from them. We never appreciate any thievery or fraudulent activity hence we do not offer to buy without any valid proof of the valuables.

We try to build long-term relationships with our customers by delivering quality and superior value. Hence, we take pride in our efficient service and accomplishments. We ensure that all our services are monitored very carefully on every level to retain the natural form of the process of sale. Our experts show enough potential to benefit you from your latest deal and hence we hope to claim our variety of services as justifiable in any part of this nation. We offer a quality oriented customer service that approaches you and covers all your demands and also enables us to prove our resilience in this ever competitive industry.


Our Mission

Our mission is to offer the most profitable service to our valuable customers. Based on our methods we have pioneered the idea of independent testing of the precious stones like diamonds. Our jewelry experts are able to detect the right price based on the current market value and on the four C’s of a Diamond.

We hope to make a statement in the market as our prices are unexpected with most of the jewelers in the city. Also, we wish to keep up with the good work continue to establish new standards in quality to protect consumers and our clients’ reputations during our journey. Today we are proud to provide the best assured service and hope to achieve the name all over the country and soon in the continent.

Our passion and entrepreneurial culture will ensure that we deliver our service for our valuable customers in the most secure and safe.