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Very frequently our financial circumstance is in problem when the recession hits to our economy. To fulfill our requirements and that of the requirements of our dearest ones, we frequently need quick cash. To clear our unpaid bills as well as to clear the amount overdue, Gold buyers is the most helpful and promising way which is being adapted by regular persons frequently these days to sort out their financial standings.

It is a moderately simpler technique of earning some additional and instant cash. In current days, there are a number of websites available in the online marketplace, who is delivering this well-known service recognized as Gold buyers in Mayur Vihar but we are the best.

We are delivering a fast and easy procedure to get immediate Gold buyers in Mayur Vihar using our services. We are one of the fastest growing old and scrap jewelry buying Company. We are jewelry buyers which deliver top market price than pawnbrokers and another nearby store. We purchase all kind of valuable jewelry other valuable metals such as diamond, gold coins, bars, and another precious item; offer immediate spot cash for your valuable ornaments through cash, cheque or transfer as per customer demand.

We with our experienced and skilled jewelry buyers offer the best service to our valuable customers and also strive to fulfill all the requirements. Also, we offer more value 15% to compensate for all the needs during a bad financial turmoil.

The procedure Of Evaluating the Purity of your jewelry and creating the Payment

Our Branch Staff will make sure the Documents submitted and upon agreement, hand over the Ornaments

We use the world famous Bruker, advanced Purity calculating machine (Karat Checking Machine) which uses most recent XRF technology to find out the Purity of the ornaments

Our employees will weigh the stuff to your fulfillment of Gold buyers in Mayur Vihar and decrease stone weight based on the actual stone weight

Based on the Purity Percentage we will decide the gold percentage on that we will decide the Gross Value of your Gold.

We deliver the best value for your jewelry.

You will be given an approximation showing the information on assessment. When the customer is satisfied with the estimate, Payment will be finished as per the customer’s preference.