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Ashok Nagar is also the developed place in Delhi NCR where large no. of residential houses is present. When you are in need of cash and want to sell your unwanted ornaments, come at our Ashok Nagar branch. To know the exact location, you can also see through Google maps. At, Gold buyers we assure you to offer our qualitative services in the way you can sell your jewelry easily with us.

In any of such precious metals transactions, safety and security are the priority. There are following two points which are most important while dealing with safety and security:

EVALUATION: The method of evaluation when you go to sale plays a significant role. There are many ways by which evaluation of precious items can be made especially gold and silver. These methods are the acid test, electromagnetic test, refining by melting, XRF technique, other karat meter ways, etc. Some of these are invasive methods and some are nondestructive ways. Always prefer to evaluate your item by the nondestructive way only.

SECURITY: The next point to be considered is how effectively your item is safe when it goes to another party. Is it Insured? How they store them? Do they take responsibility in case they are lost or damaged while kept with them?

Therefore, try to figure out these things before executing your sale with any dealer.

With us, we take care of full security of your deal with us along with providing other benefits. Several exciting offers are also available with us at various points of time. You can avail the benefits of these offers for getting more profits on your sale. You will get to know the difference when you proceed with us. So kick away all those complicated ways of executing your sale. Connect to us and get the opportunity to transact in the most simple way and get your money in a short time. We provide Cash for jewelry service with high quality in Ashok Vihar.

Why are we different?

We are the best second-hand jewelry buyer in the area to provide the highest price for the valuables the customer brought to us. We have been in the market for over 2 decades with our expert buyers to provide the best and profitable service by selling the old jewelry. We are known as the most reputable jewelry buyer as we offer to release pledged jewelry of any precious metals like gold, silver, platinum or diamond from the bank with instant payment. Moreover, we offer instant cash in exchange for jewelry. So get a free evaluation done today.