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Release Pledged Gold Jewellery

We at Cashfor Gold and Silverkings offers to release pledged gold jewellery. Like any other jewellery buyer, we do not look for ways to profit but we have been helping our customers and paying off their debts from their valuable assets. Most of the nearest jeweler would cut their commission in buying gold, where the customer is left with only 60 to 70 % of jewelry value. Same is with banks. Moreover, banks are more cruel and helpless in the time when you seek for more help. Banks will cut their commission as much as 40% and offer the best value with an extensive rate of interests. Once anyone offer seeks such financial attention of banks, where they hope that they will get back their valuables assets but they hardly do.

A loan comes with a great variety of interests. If someone is able to pay a regular interest then why would they take a loan on gold? Bank will only look for the formalities they require. Most of them aren't even verified by the government but still preferred by many during emergency need of finances.

The loans make an individual or helpless and therefore, we come into play.

Who are we?

We at Cashfor Gold and Silverkings are the most leading second-hand jewellery buying market. We buy every type of precious metals and also process them to recycle as well as supply them to the market. These precious metals are mined in numbers and therefore, it is important to liquify them to reach the mass. One of our biggest achievements is to release pledge golden jewellery. Many of our customers seek such attention when they are troubled by the bank with heavy payments. Many take loans in a hope that they will get their assets in return but it is for a say that what they get, and paying unwanted gifts are a different story.

We buy your valuables from the bank, pay them the complete amount in return. Once you are out of the turmoil, you can easily buy new jewellery pieces whenever you wish.

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