Gold is the highly priced metal acted as safe investment for people in India from decades. Investments in precious metals are made with the objective of future monetary needs or to cope with inflation. Therefore, when you have coins of precious metals take care of it carefully to maintain their good value. You need to store them at fine situation so that you can sell gold coins at best value. Any type of scratches, stains etc. can reduce its worth and you may end up by getting lower prices. So, take every precaution to protect the value of your items.

Gold Buyer

At Cash for gold, we offer you the best price when you are planning to sell gold for cash. Therefore you can visit us any of our branches as listed in the branches tab of the website. Please note that you can also sell gold coins online when you are dealing with us.

Please take note of the following to take care of your precious metals coins:

  1. Do not clean your precious articles frequently. Consistent cleaning improves the value is a myth rather it reduces its value.
  2. You need to lock up them every time to make sure that they are secured.
  3. Always note to keep your article at dry and cool place.
  4. You must ensure to avoid moisture and heat as it can damage your metal.
  5. To store the coins, use plastic container as it can prevent damage from handling.

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When you want to get evaluation of your item, get it done through an unbiased professional assessor. You can also send the details to us at our website and generate the valuation report. It is very simple and easy to understand. When you come to us, we assess the purity of your article using German XRF technique which is non invasive method. It will provide you exact purity without any damage or loss. Also, this takes only few minutes in assessment. If you are interested in knowing more about us, then visit us at and enjoy a free quote on the way.

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